京指物 京都木工芸協同組合

* 1
  1. 茶会の際に用いられる2つ折りの屏風、風炉先屏風「雁金」。夜空を飛ぶ雁の様子を表現した独創的な作品。


Sashimono is a general term for joining pieces of wood without using nails. This traditional technique called tsugite creates wood furniture entirely joined together by hand-made fittings, eschewing the metal fittings found in modern furniture. Dozens of types of wood fittings are carefully hand-crafted to create perfect corners, tight lids and drawers that are easy to open and close. Kyo-sashimono first developed through the use of wooden utensils to replace the stone and metal ones brought from China and Korea during the Heian period (8th century). A variety of styles flourished over its long history, from the elegant furniture made for the Imperial Court to the "simple but stylish" ones for the tea ceremony and Edo townsman culture. Kyo-sashimono retains its original methods and beautiful craftmanship while creating both traditional furniture and modern interior design objects such as champagne coolers or lighting design.

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  1. :2種の木材をぴたりと合わせて仕上げた茶箱。
  2. :菊の文様を描いた茶箱。
  3. :飛鳥時代(6世紀〜7世紀)に上流階級の礼装として使われた浅沓を象った黒柿の莨盆。莨盆は、茶会に用いられる道具の一つ。

(1,2,3,4 すべて大谷普賢)

1: Karigane, a folding screen used at the tea ceremony. An original work that expresses the appearance of geese flying in the night sky. 2: A tea box made by perfectly combining two kinds of wood. 3: A tea box depicting the chrysanthemum pattern. 4: The black persimmon cigarette tray, imitating formal footwear during the Asuka period (6th to 7th centuries). The cigarette tray is one of the tools used for the tea ceremony. (1,2,3,4 Ohtani Fugen)